Our Vision

We are committed to providing fair, equal, inclusive and excellent medical care aligned with the international standards of practice and tailored to respond to Yemen's community needs that is culturally sensitive and respectful.

Cardiac Team Training

Providing high-quality education and training opportunities in a state -of art- heart institutions in international Universities and around the world for Yemeni students to help build a cardiac team that includes surgeons, anesthesiologists, intensivists, perfusionists and nursing staff.

Building a heart center of excellence

Contributing to building a center of excellence for cardiac surgery in Yemen, where there is a significant need for world-class infrastructures for such projects.

Connecting Yemeni Professionals with experts around the world

Connecting Yemeni professionals with major cardiac centers in North America, Europe and the Middle East for training, collaboration, and facilitating cardiac patients' humanitarian missions.

Providing local training

Supporting in-hospital local training in the future to maintain the quality of the service provided and empowering the program with more skilled professionals in the eager hope that the local plans would be sufficient in the future.

Receive and maintain funds

To receive and maintain a charitable fund. All funds are primarily applied to charitable organizations within Yemen that are dedicated to providing superior healthcare services and programs.

Common Questions

Where is the foundation located?
The Yemen Heart Care Foundation is licensed in Canada and Yemen. We are operating in both countries.
How can I help?
Submit your email below and we will follow up with you. We always welcome help and we would like to see how we can work together.
Do you accept donation?
We do. However, we truly believe that effective donation is not always monetary. We like to partner with health institutions and build programs that can ultimately benefit Yemen and the Yemeni people.
Do you have a fully functioning health center in Yemen?
Currently we don't. Our ultimate goal is to build a heart surgery Center of Excellence. For now we are facilitating and working with local municipalities on organizing visiting surgery programs focusing primarily on open heart surgeries.

Eager to help, please get in touch. We want to hear from you.

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